Style control three personalized watch recommended

Different brands, different styles of watches is for different levels, different styles of people to design, for example, there are luxury in the price, luxury, there are people close, fashion, in the movement type of quartz, Mechanical, solar-powered, mechanical also includes automatic mechanical and manual machinery, on the case and the dial, the distinction and classification is varied, far from one or two words can be finished. Today, we watch the house will bring you three unique personalized uk replica watches. Watch Comments: Which watch design reflects the concept of aviation everywhere. Surface design concept from the aircraft cabin of the instrument modeling function and composite mosaic structure; at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock using large font time character, coated with luminous material time scale and pointer, 52 mm large dial Design, all layouts have excellent visibility; with shock and shock resistance of the structure, to withstand the high degree of dramatic changes in the vibration and pressure, more resistant to 15G centrifugal force specifications; 6 automatic reception of the radio, TOUGH MOVEMENT robust movement, solar drive, anti-low temperature, such as pointer magnetic. Watch Comments: This replica watches uk features a unique highlight of the perfect blend of movement and practical. Whether its overall appearance of the concave-convex design, or its dial within the interval structure and color matching, which watch the shape are very eye-catching, unique design style is particularly suiwatch for sports enthusiasts and personalized wear the crowd. The use of Citizen's unique optical energy technology, light energy battery can protect the watch for a long time to use; automatically receive signal proofreading time, accept the signal strength display, calendar, date display, battery power shortage instructions and so on. Watch Comments: Continuation of the original Face 2 Face watch characteristics, to achieve a fusion of avant-garde and classical personality. Double-sided personality, watch case to 53x44 mm diameter design, slightly elongated oval rotating case configuration Double-sided dial: positive display of structured luminous silver-gray dial, with a part of the transparent gray smoke disc and hollow watch Ring, back to show the technical style of the dark gray movement. In the watch 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock position with timing start / pause and zero button. Front dial with 30 minutes and 12 hours timer dial, and at 3 o'clock position set calendar week display window, while the back is equipped with three fascinating scale ring: pulse meter, tachymeter, range finder. Summary: the first two wrist swiss replica watches are used in solar power movement, are the Japanese brand, the price difference is not great, compared to the first paragraph more in line with some extreme sports, the second paragraph is more in line with hobbies Of young people. In contrast, the third paragraph of the price is much higher, and double-sided personalized dial design is more worthy of savor, therefore, this watch is more suiwatch for the middle class. (Watch House Gao Chong)