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October Music Line-up

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October 6th

Guy Johnson Band - Playing since he was 5 years old, Guy has played in numberous bands. Since 2002, he's led The Guy Johnson Band, performing a wide variety of popular 50’s- 80’s dance songs at prime venues while promoting Guy's new CD of original songs reminiscent of the 1960's Rock genre.

October 7th

Knee Deep - Always Ready to Rock—when you're ready to cut loose! Knee Deep is a group of excellent musicians who excel at playing a wide variety of High Energy Driving R&R Dance Music with lots of vocal harmonies! For more information about Knee Deep Band visit http://www.kneedeepseattle.com.

October 13th

8 Second Ride - Enjoy some great country at the Raging!

October 14th

Ricky Venture Revue - he Ricky Venture Revue will supercharge your party evening with incredible recreations of your favorite classic rock tunes to keep you jumpin' and dancin' all night long. If you like to re-experience music that makes you smile, reminisce, and move... this is the band for you. With blistering guitar work Ricky is famous for and amazing lead vocals by Chelsea, you won't be disappointed! Join the Raging River in welcoming The Ricky Venture Revue for a night of amazing music and fun! For more information about The Ricky Venture Revue visit www.rickyventure.com.

October 20th

Probable Cause - New to the Raging!

October 21st

Slacker - Come on out and see a fantastic classic rock band.

October 27th

Fabulous Murphtones - Add equal parts rhythm and lead guitar from Tacoma. Throw in some solid beats from Seattle, top with a little saxophone and what do you get? The perfect concoction of 50’s through 80’s Rock-n-Roll for your entertainment needs. www.fabulousmurphtones.com

October 28th

Moondaddy Band - New to the Raging!


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